SPE Spec 6R140- Fits 11-19 F250/F350/F450

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The 6R140 Torqshift transmission can be a very stable and reliable transmission if built correctly. It is our primary goal and focus to develop the best transmission on the market for race and competition use. That is why we do not offer "stages". The only upgrade available for our transmissions is a cryo'd intermediate shaft. Everything else is already included. 

Our transmissions also shift more aggressively than a factory unit due to the added frictions, modified clearances, etc. If you want a transmission that shifts less aggressive than we recommend ordering one from Ford. 

Here are some of the improvements we make on all of our Torqshift transmissions: 

  • SPE modified high volume front pump assembly
  • SPE proprietary solenoid body  (This is a NEW unit)
  • SPE patented thermoreg valve assembly (drops trans temps by 50°)
  • SPE added count clutch packs with proprietary friction material
  • New Torrington thrust bearings
  • New bushings
  • Modified E-clutch control circuit
  • Deep pan
  • All clearances blueprinted and documented

***SPE will only charge you exact shipping. If shipping is less than the $700, SPE will refund you accordingly. If shipping is greater than $700, SPE will contact you for the difference


Effective 1/1/2020 
Due to the nature of race & competition use, all transmissions purchased from SPE include a 30 day workmanship warranty only. 

You have to keep in mind; whether a warranty is 30 days or 5 years long, it makes no difference. A transmission is a machine. If something is machined wrong or isn't correct, it is going to be that way right from the beginning and will show up IMMEDIATELY.

If you think a transmission that comes with a 2 or 3 year warranty is going to run better, or last longer than one of ours with a 30 day warranty, then go ahead and buy "their" transmission simply because the warranty is longer. A longer warranty means NOTHING when it comes down to the quality of the parts and machining, the craftsmanship/experience/expertise & track record of the builder, nor the fit and finish of the components like we do. NO ONE'S warranty will cover anything determined to be neglect, abuse, etc. no matter HOW long of a warranty you get.

Simply put; if a transmission fails as a direct result of poor machining, improper finishes, improper clearances, improperly installed parts or poor assembly on the part of Snyder Performance Engineering, then the parts needing to be replaced, as well as the labor to do the repair to the transmission itself (out of chassis) shall be the responsibility of Snyder Performance Engineering. We stand behind OUR work!

We will continue to offer refreshes to our units at a reasonable fee. 


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