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July 30, 2018 2 min read

The 11-14 trucks were equipped with a Garrett GT32 single sequential turbocharger (SST) which features a dual compressor and single turbine setup affixed to a common shaft. The GT32 featured variable geometry technology (VGT), ceramic ball-bearing center cartridge, and an electronically-actuated internal wastegate. The dual compressor wheels were affixed back to back on the shaft with the exhaust turbine on the opposite side.

11-14 Powerstroke turbocharger turbo
11-14 Powerstroke Turbocharger & Pedestal


The small frame design allowed the turbine to spin remarkably fast, enabling it to create nearly instant power, similar to that of a gas engine.The design also allowed for a more efficient compressor map allowing the turbo to behave similarly to a smaller turbocharger thus creating almost instant boost.Additionally, the 11-current cab & chassis trucks are equipped with a similar turbo setup with the exception of them having a standard compressor wheel and no wastegate.

Once a programmer is added and fueling has increased the risk of turbo failure multiple exponentially. The most common failure is the cage stretching on the bearing. When this happens everything is able to move axially and thus the compressor and turbine contact the housing.Unfortunately, the design suffered a myriad of failures and ultimately the Garrett GT37 was release in 2015.Oddly enough, Ford has continued to use the same design mentioned above on the cab & chassis models.

11-14 Powerstroke turbocharger turbo
Top view of the turbocharger


The Introduction of a Solution
In 2015, Ford introduced the GT37 turbocharger to the pickup platform. It was originally suspected that they would use a resemble the Power Max, however, this was not the case. With different internal specs and housings, the only inherited trait is that they both feature a journal bearing design.

Comparing 15+ turbocharger to modified charger
Comparing the 15+ turbocharger to our modified turbocharger


Considering the cost of the GT32 alone retailed for over $2100 it was only logical to source out the necessary components in order to retrofit the new design onto the older, problematic trucks. For only a few hundred more the consumer can now have a complete kit with a more reliable turbocharger without sacrificing power. SPE VGT Strike Turbois available in both a cast wheel & billet wheeloption. This GT37 based VGT turbocharger has all of the necessary upgrades to address failure points at a budget price. Additionally, we offer an 11-14 retrofit installation kit which includes the pedestal, downpipe, up-pipes, lower intake, exhaust manifold, and all necessary gaskets and hardware. 

comparing compressor wheels
Comparing compressor wheels on the 11-14 Powerstroke, 15+ Powerstroke, & and 66mm S300.

Our Recommendations

We HIGHLY recommend this setup for the person that wants to maintain optimal towing conditions. This can also be used on both the cab & chassis and the more common wide frame pickup trucks.



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