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February 21, 2018 2 min read


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Snyder Performance Engineering Transitioning Business Model
General Maintenance and Repair Services Ending

CARMICHAELS, PA - Snyder Performance Engineering (SPE) announces they are no longer offering general maintenance or repair services. With this transition, SPE plans to increase their product offerings as well as keeping up with the demand of transmission and engine builds.


“We couldn’t keep up with everything and the demand for engines and products has increased significantly. My passion and goal has always been in developing a product line so it only made sense to continue expanding our product line and close the service end of things. We have had a lot of customer’s questioning whether or not we will be selling products, offering high performance builds, and building engines and transmissions. We will. We will also continue to offer tuning. We aren’t abandoning our customers. We have implemented these changes to continue to move the industry and 6.7L (Powerstroke) platform in the right direction,” said owner, Dan Snyder.


Snyder’s first started pushing the 6.7L Powerstroke back in 2011 when they were initially released. Nearly 7 years later and they are still pushing them. In 2016, SPE debuted the first 6.7L Powerstroke dragster and recorded quickest ¼ mile time for any Ford manufacturer diesel up to that point. In 2017, they entered and competed in the Ultimate Callout Challengerunning an in-house built large cube 7.0L with triple 88mm turbo setup and dual stroked high-pressure fuel pumps on a custom built tube chassis and 4-linked setup. In 2018, they will be re-entering the competition with the same truck complete with an even more stout bottom end and a few other upgrades Snyder says are “top secret”.

For the business end of things, in 2018, SPE plans to release a variety of fabrication parts, turbo kits, and engine parts by the year’s end. In addition to suspending repair services, Snyder Performance Engineering also will no longer be open on Friday to the public or offer phone support that day, so they can focus on production without any interrupts.

“I’ve got a lot of things that should hit the market relatively soon. I’m shooting for the beginning of summer to have the majority of our newest products on the market. I know these changes might not make sense to all of our customer’s and fans but it makes sense to us, and we think this is what will need to happen to help progress our industry and business to where I believe it needs to be. Progress is good. This is what it’s going to take to provide my customers with the products and parts that they keep asking for,” said Dan.

Operating out of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, Snyder Performance Engineering has established a national reputation as a diesel performance shop focusing primarily on the 6.7L Powerstroke platform. Snyder Performance Engineering has an in-house fabrication center and chassis dyno. In 2018, SPE plans on increasing their product line and shortening production times for their engines and transmissions.

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James C.
James C.

July 31, 2020

Exciting stuff if you ask me! Looking forward to sending you guys as much money as my wife will tolerate!

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