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September 26, 2017 2 min read

We realize there's a lot of unanswered questions on what actually happened when we were at the Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC) this year so we are hoping to clear some of them up.
SPE UCC truck
Getting paint 2 weeks before we left for UCC. 
Truck Details
The build for the UCC truck started with a 04 V10 f250 chassis. We only used the frame and main cab. The rest of the trucks fiberglass parts are from the 08-10 style trucks.  The engine is 17 6.7L Powerstroke block that we based the build off of. Its displacement is 7.0 Liters. The engine is running our modified cp05 Bosch ECU and custom harness. Exergy covers everything in the high-pressure fuel department. The truck has 300+% over injectors, stroker CP4, and a stroker CP3. Fuelab supplied us with the components for our low-pressure side where we are running twin 1800hp lift pumps. For, air the truck is running an 88mm s500 in the valley with TWO 88mm s400s feeding it. The drivetrain has our 4r100 transmission along with our sequential paddle shifted TCM controller. For the chassis, we have a custom tube 4-link setup on the front and rear. The truck is back halved and caged. We swap the rear axle from a sterling 10.5 that we run for drag racing to a dana 80 dually setup for pulling. Lastly, the suspension has up to 6 inches of adjustable lift.  
UCC Truck days before SPE leaves
The NIGHT before we leave for UCC.
Why did we miss the drag racing event?
We showed up later in the day and were ready for the last call but Miniwheat broke and they decided to call it a night and not clean the track. Although we still had a half hour, we got the DQ with no chance to run.
SPE UCC Truck prepped for drag racing
Just arrived. Lots to do still!


What happened on the dyno?
We had issues with the fuse panel we were using causing the lift pumps not to work properly. We were able to muster 1400hp with no base fuel pressure which obviously caused rail issues. Ultimately we ran out of time before we could make repairs. 
SPE Ucc truck on the dyno 2017
SPE UCC Truck making power
SPE UCC Truck 1400hp
What happened during the sled pulls?
We came into the event at 5500lbs. Due to a tight deadline, we did not have enough time to complete our weight box and therefore had a huge disadvantage due to being severely underweight. 
SPE at the UCC Pulls
SPE UCC Pulls 2017
Why did we catch on fire?
We had the fuse panel issue almost sorted out but the converter lockup clutch would not hold. It slipped and boiled the fluid in the converter thus melting the pump seal and puking out ATF onto the hot engine resulting in a nice flame show.
SPE truck Catches fire
SPE converter fire UCC 2017
We have already secured our place in the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge and can't wait to showcase what the truck is capable of now that we will have had another 365+ days to sort out the problems. UCC has already made their announcement here regarding our spot. 
Special thanks to our sponsors: Ontork, Vibrant Performance, Diesel Performance Converters, Fuelab, Exergy, CP Carrillo & Hoffman Auto Body.
Special thanks to our photographers for allowing us to share their images: Amy Gilbert at Stainless Diesel, Ultimate Callout Challenge, Northwest Dyno Circuit & Diesel Army.

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