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SPE Motorsport Coyote Tetrad -4AN O-Ring Pump Coupler

SPE Coyote Tetrad -4AN O-Ring Pump Coupler

Tired of E85 eating your rubber hoses and causing in tank leaks or clogged filters? Or you just want an easier way to install your pumps? SPE came up with a solution. We don't use snap rings or cheap rubber washers to make a seal and hold the pumps. We developed a billet coupler for the pumps that creates a o-ringed seal and a sturdy mount.

Designed to be used with our Tetrad fuel pumps. These couplers convert the barb fitting on the Ti automotive pumps to an O-ring seal and adapts that to -4AN male thread. They are installed on the end of the pump and seamlessly screws into our tetrad pump modules for the Mustang and F150. The coupler also sets the proper height of the pump for the Mustang and F150 tanks as well, so no guessing on hose length. Or taking the pump module in and out to get it right.

Features and Benefits:

  • O-ring sealing instead of a hose barb
  • works perfectly with the SPE Tetrad FPM
  • Sets pump height for the¬†11-20 Mustang tanks
  • Converts Ti pump barb to -4AN¬†
  • Billet aluminum¬†
  • Black anodized


  • 2011- 2021 Ford¬†Mustang
  • 2016- 2020 Ford GT350
  • 2020- 2021 Ford GT500


*Fuel pumps NOT included.
*Sold Individually