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SPE Transmission & Converter Warranty

SPE Transmission & Converter Warranty


Snyder Performance Engineering (SPE) prides ourselves in offering the best Ford transmissions in the industry. With an extension Ford background we are able to offer the best product and warranty in the industry, including the ability to offer a lifetime warranty upgrade option.

What does the base warranty include?
All SPE transmissions include a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.  Hard parts (input shaft, output shaft, intermediate shaft, gears, pumps, etc.) NOT COVERED against breakage. The customer is responsible for all costs associated with damage caused by broken shafts. Shaft breakage is considered abuse and is NOT warrantied under any circumstances! Broken hard parts are caused from excessive torque; a shaft is only as strong as the material that it is made of, and the design of the shaft.

What does the Lifetime warranty include?
The Lifetime warranty upgrade is an option only offered at the time of purchase. This option includes the replacement of almost all parts except the case of the transmission during the initial build. The SPE Lifetime warranty is a parts and workmanship coverage warranty. It excludes any labor and freight costs.  For this warranty to remain in constant effect, the transmission must be sent back to SPE every 2 years for tear down and inspection of components. This service is free of charge BUT does NOT include freight or any removal or installation labor and fluid costs. If the 2 year refresh is not done it is at SPE’s discretion to warranty the transmission.

What is NOT covered by an SPE warranty?
All warranties are non-transferable and do not cover abuse, improper installation, tampering, neglect, accidents, and/or abuse related to broken hard parts (shafts, gears, pumps, etc.). Warranty will be voided if there is evidence of low fluid and signs of abuse. SPE will not warranty damage related to (or caused by) broken hard parts. Only SPE authorized tuning may be used. SPE reserves the right to refuse to warranty a transmission based on poor tuning.

The warranty does not include labor for the removal or installation of any product, including defective items. It does not cover any freight charges. It does not cover any fluids. It does not cover any costs associated with a failure or defective item. It does not include downtime, rental cars, labor, storage fees, fluids, towing charges, travel costs and consequential damage to the transmission or driveline.

It is at the sole discretion of SPE to warranty any transmission.

Warranty Activation
Please complete the online registration form to activate your registration. You have 30 days from the time of delivery to activate your warranty. You will have no warranty until it is activated. Should it not be activated within 30 days you forfeit your right to a warranty.


Effective 1/1/19