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SPE Motorsport 2015-2016 6.7L Powerstroke Fuel Contamination Kit

SPE 2015-2016 Ford 6.7 Powerstroke Fuel Contamination Kit

The ‚ÄúDisaster Prevention Kit,‚ÄĚ it does exactly what it implies; it prevents the disasters of a CP4 pump failure from destroying the rest of a very expensive high-pressure fuel system. While this is a very simple concept up until now all the other systems on the market were incomplete in our eyes. SPE has rewritten the book and designed a kit that has none of the installation downfalls or shortcomings.

CP4 high pressure pumps are considered problematic for the 6.7L Ford Powerstroke engine due to them being more sensitive than other high pressure pumps. They are more susceptible to contamination due to tighter tolerances and higher operating pressures. When the pump fails It sends debris into the rest of the system and requires a several thousand-dollar replacement of injectors, rails, lines, etc. 

This kit is a complete repair solution for the Ford Powerstroke 6.7L Engine with CP4 fuel pump failure, DEF contamination, or water-in-fuel contamination. This kit uses Genuine OEM components, identical to what you would receive if you purchased it from a Ford dealership. Simply flushing the fuel system is inadequate and could lead to residual contaminants in your fuel system. Contamination is the number one cause of repeat injector failure. Replacing all of the fuel system components is the only way to prevent recurring contamination issues.

Primary Function
The CP4 pump is internally lubricated by diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is pumped up via the lift pump to feed the CP4 lubricating the crankcase area of the pump first, Then fuel flows from the crankcase to the MPROP (volume control valve) once the valve meters the fuel it allows it to flow to the pump heads. It is then compressed and pushed out to the high-pressure lines, rails, and injectors. The weakness of the CP4 pump lies in the crankcase area where a set of roller lifters/buckets ride on a camshaft. When the failure event occurs, the fuel becomes contaminated immediately and is sent out to the rest of the system.

The Cure
Our kit bolts to the CP4 pump and changes the routing of the fuel flow so that lubricating fuel is divided, feeding the fuel to the MPROP from the fuel filter and not from the crankcase of the pump. This makes sure that the crankcase fuel that's contaminated during a failure doesn't make it out to the high-pressure fuel system.

This is where every other disaster prevention kit falls short and sends the contaminated fuel back to the tank contaminating the return side of the system including lines, fuel cooler, and tank.

The ExoFilter allows the customer to monitor their system when maintenancing their vehicle. When the ExoFilter clogs during a CP4 pump failure it helps the truck give signs of an issue so you can shut off sooner, rather than returning debris to the tank and passing it through the fuel filter at the lift pump & engine. This can takes a lot of time to plug, if it even happens, and add even more labor and cost to an already costly repair bill. 

The ExoFilter is designed to allow the customer to open up the filter & check for debris. It includes a 20-micron, washable metal filter that fuel passes through. The Exofilter gives you peace of mind when checked during every fuel filter change so you can catch a problem before catastrophic failure occurs. 

The SPE kit also does not require the customer to cut any fuel lines like the other kits on the market. We also do not use hydraulic hose with compression fittings, or cheap rubber fuel hoses with T fittings and crimp clamps like our competitors. Beware of kits with rubber hose there is a reason automotive manufacturers don't use them anymore. Our kits come with an American made Fragola PTFE stainless braided PVC coated AN fuel Hose. The biggest bonus is that there is no cutting, thus making this kit 100% plug and play.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% plug-and-play
  • No cutting
  • Extra port for easy fuel pressure monitoring or aux feed
  • Quick disconnect factory style molded fuel filter hose
  • Fragola AN stainless braided pvc coated ptfe fuel feed hose to the CP4 MPROP
  • Black anodized 6061 billet aluminum hard parts
  • Industry first, patented return side 20-micron fuel filter (reusable)
  • Allows health monitoring of the CP4 pump
  • Reversible (kit can be removed)

Kit Includes:

  • Bosch Remanufactured Injectors
  • Fuel injector Lines
  • Bosch Remanufactured Pump
  • High-Pressure Fuel Lines
  • Left and Right Fuel Rails
  • Return/Feed Lines

Option to add SPE Disaster Prevention Kit to protect your truck from future CP4 Failure

CP4 and 8 Injector Cores Required

30-day core return limit. Outside of 30 days will receive 50% core credit up to 60 days. No core refund after 60 days from purchase. Make yourself familiar with the core policy prior to purchasing. 


  • 2015-2016 Ford F250/F350/F450 (including cab & chassis models)

50 STATE COMPLIANT kit that requires NO tuning or modifications after installation.

**The SPE 6.7 CP4 disaster prevention kit cannot prevent the CP4 pump from failing. What it does do is help prevent the failures contamination from entering the high-pressure fuel system causing more damage and also returning to the tank. It even offers the ability to monitor fuel system health.