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SPE Motorsport 2023+ Raptor R Billet Oil Separator

SPE 2023+ Raptor R Billet Oil Separator

These SPE billet catch cans are engineered specifically for the Ford modular engine line. SPE Especially took into consideration crankcase pressure on boosted applications. SPE has spent many man hours to create a seamless catch can that appears factory and installs in seconds.  The SPE's catch can add zero hoses or brackets. There are two types of people the ones who like the oil to drain back and the others who like it to collect. We decided to make our catch can work both ways. The 2020 GT500 aluminum valve covers allow for the use of the drain back feature, or you can collect and drain the oil whenever you desire. All the required hardware and fittings are included.

Quality & Fitment
Machined from billet aluminum to give the best quality and fitment possible. SPE takes pride in our zero hose and bracket design.  This allows for better fit and function. We use a single mounting bolt to attach it to the engine and a single bolt to separate the lid. The connection to the valve cover is double o-ringed and slip fit to ease installation. The outlet retains the factory molded hose creating a clean uncluttered look. Gone are the days of rubber hoses and universal pop cans stuffed with screen and SOS pads under your hood. 

Over the years, there have been many universal catch cans, so we decided instead of doing a universal design across many different platforms as others do, we would build ours around the engines they needed to protect and function on. To properly design a separator for the modular Coyote family, we needed to start with the proper filter element. We designed sintered brass filter assemblies with large amounts of surface area. Allowing us to have high flow and a deep filter media. These are then encased in a chamber that creates a cross flow rather than passing straight through, forcing the vapor through the entire filter surface. This promotes high flow while separating the oil from the vapor, and that happens after first passing through a standard baffle network.  For the customer containing the oil and not draining it back, we wanted to provide ample capacity. Even at 6 oz of oil capacity the system can safely breathe. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Billet 6061 anodized aluminum construction
  • 3-stage baffle and filter system
  • No additional hoses or brackets
  • Clean factory look
  • O-ring sealing
  • 6oz Oil capacity (setup as catch can)
  • Maintenance-free, self-drain back capable
  • Single bolt¬†mounting
  • Installs in seconds


  • Fits 2023+ Raptor R