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SPE Motorsport 2020+ GT500 Fuel Rail Kit With Rails

SPE Motorsport 2020+ GT500 Fuel Rail Kit

SPE is happy to introduce our new 2020+ Shelby GT500 mustang billet fuel rails. When trying to make more horsepower with the new GT500, be it with pump gas, race gas, or E85, the factory fuel rails become a bottleneck mainly due to the way the fuel is distributed to the rails. The feed hose tees in from the side and has to be distributed to two rails through a very inefficiently designed crossover fitting assembly. This is only good for manufacturing purposes. SPE decided to make a fuel rail kit that not only addressed the performance issues but makes them more functional and aesthetically pleasing.


This is a complete fuel rail kit for your 2020+ Shelby GT500 which includes the fuel rails as well as all necessary hoses and fittings to install on your car using the factory fuel line up to the firewall. The fuel rails are -8 AN size made from billet aluminum and are anodized black. SPE designed the -8AN quick disconnect Y fitting for distributing fuel to the rails specifically for the car to help create a seamless clean installation. There's no need for off the shelf adapters in our kit. SPE also changed the angle of the factory fuel pressure sensor to allow for more clearance to keep it clear of the wiring harness. We also added two 1/8th inch NPT ports on each rail for fuel pressure or auxiliary fuel feed for nitrous systems. The Fragola PTFE stainless braided andĀ PVC coated hoses are American made and compatible with all fuels including E85.Ā 


  • -8AN Fuel Rails
  • Hard AnodizedĀ BlackĀ 
  • Made from 6061 billet aluminum
  • Retains factory fuel pressure sensor
  • Properly angles fuel pressure sensor away from harness
  • Added two 1/8th NPT Fuel pressure ports
  • Anodized Billet Mounts (instead of cheap sheet steel)
  • Premade -8 Fragola PTFE Hoses
  • -8 Y Quick connect fuel manifold (eliminates clutter of hoses and adapters under the hood)
  • OEM replacement with better fitmentĀ 
  • Includes all necessary fittings, hoses, and o-rings to install
  • One of the cleanest and best flowing kits on the marketĀ 
  • Can be easily adapted for a return fuel system upgrade later on



  • Fuel rails
  • All required -8AN fittings and plugs
  • Billet quick connect Y manifold and retainer ring
  • -8AN Fragola hoses
  • O-RingsĀ 
  • All required hardware

*Factory fuel pressure sensor not included.