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SPE 6.7L Powerstroke GEN2 Billet Fuel Drain Valve- Fits 2017-2022

SPE 6.7L Powerstroke GEN2 Billet Fuel Drain Valve

A beefier, stronger fix for the problematic OEM drain valve on the 2017-2022 F250/F350/F450/F550 Super Duty.


  • Inexpensive, easy fix to the brittle, often broken, 2017+ plastic fuel drain valve
  • Simple. easy install
  • Designed to better funnel fuel when draining to reduce fuel splashing and drenching you when removing
  • All billet &Ā green anodized componentā€” Increases strengthĀ & corrosion resistant
  • Features drain port opening specifically sized for a plastic bottle openingĀ allowingĀ cleaner, simpler fuel sampling

The SPE billet aluminum fuel drain valve is the perfect fix for the problematic OEM drain valve. Nothing is worse than opening your water separatorĀ and being left with a broken valve leaving you stranded. After having been in this exact situation, we decided to design a billet version leaving that problem in the dust. This is a factory replacement component for the OEM drain valve (part number HC3Z-9J305-A).

The GEN2 design also includes an integrated fuel hole designed to fit inside a bottle opening to allow for a clean, simple fuel sampling(i.e. when fuel is contaminated and a sample is required). Additionally, this design to allow for better fuel funneling reducing splashing and decreasing the chances of you getting drenched when fuel when opening the valve.Ā 


  • 1 anodized billet fuel drain valve
  • New o-rings



  • 2017- 2022 Ford F250 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2017- 2022 Ford F350 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2017- 2022 Ford F450 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2017- 2022 Ford F550 (including cab & chassis)


Replaces part number: SPE-S100114

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