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SPE Motorsport 2015+ 5.0L F150 Tetrad Fuel Pump Module

SPE 2015+ 5.0L F150 Tetrad Fuel Pump Module

A cost effective, drop in-fuel pump solution supporting 2400hp+ on E85.Ā 

With the ever growing progression of horsepower, SPE thought it was time to give the Ford guys some more power capability. It's not uncommon for GTRā€™s, Lambos, and other exotics to produce well over 2000hp. The domestic market is used to needing mechanical fuel pumps or extremely high dollar electric pumps and control modules. Now there is a simple effective drop in solution.Ā 

SPE Motorsport is proud to introduceĀ a solution,Ā the Tetrad FPM, a fuel pump module that holds up to four 525LPH pumps and any other 39mm diameter pumps. Thus, making the Tetrad capable of supporting 2400+hp on E85.

The Tetrad is designed in a way to easily fit 4 pumps in the factory tank. The factory sending unit also clips right on for a simple install. SPE also wanted it to be as adaptable to the customers needs as possible allowing for multiple types of pumps and quantities. It was also designed to allowĀ it to grow if needed, starting with 1-2 pumps and later being able to add up to 2 more.

Wire & Gland Design

Wiring passes through a patented gland seal that allows wires to be added and removed with ease. The gland form fits the wire and compresses when the top flange is bolted down, unlike bulkhead pass through fittings which are bulky, not serviceable and hard to fit. Where hermetic seals don't allow you to service the wire and or add pumps later on the gland seal gives the customer the best of both worlds a great seal and serviceability.

Billet Design

The Tetrad is completely billet with no brackets or hoses. The fuel pumps are held by an o-ring isolated in a billet housing which dampens noise and allows for easy adjustment. The F150 Tetrad also includes all of the factory evap connections including internal and external to the tank along with the roll over valve. The Tetrad is fully anodized to resist corrosion from E85 and other corrosive fuels.Ā 

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports 2400+HP on E85
  • Holds up to 4 pumps = 39mm diameter pumps including 255,340,450,470,525 etc.
  • Drops in to factory 15+ tanks
  • -10AN OutletĀ 
  • -8AN Return
  • Patented gland seal for wire pass through
  • Uses factory sending unit
  • Includes all Factory evap connections and roll over valveĀ Ā 


  • 2015-2021 Ford F150 5.0L