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Suncoast 6R140 2,300-RPM Billet Quadralock Torque Converter

6R140 Billet Captured Clutch Torque Converter - Tow/Street/Strip

Revolutionizing this industry isn't easy. SunCoast has done it yet again with our new captured clutch 6R140 torque converter. This revolutionary new converter design is changing the way we look at converter lock-up strategies forever. The captured clutch design converter operates much differently than other conventional torque converters. The captured clutch design eliminates the need to exhaust fluid from the backside of the apply piston. This design allows for much quicker apply rates than what conventionally occurs. 

This torque converter is identical to the 6R140-2 with the exception of a different custom stator that allows another 200-300 rpm of additional stall. This converter is still very capable of towing heavy loads, and drivability is identical to stock. This converter is ideal for individuals who have upgraded to a slightly larger turbo and still tow fairly heavy loads. this torque converter will spool much faster than a factory stall speed which makes playing around on the street or at the strip a blast. 

With the multitude of SunCoast custom stator options you can build the perfect converter to address whatever needs you may have. Whether you are looking for an improved stock replacement, or full blown sled pulling rig, SunCoast have the ability to build it to your specific needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Furnaced brazed fins
  • ADCCT Anti Drag Captured Clutch Technology
  • Utilizes factory lock-up clutch damper¬†
  • 4140 HTSR billet steel clutch retain ring
  • CNC machined billet forged one piece cover
  • Torrington Thrust bearing design
  • Increased clutch count
  • Quadralock captured clutch technology
  • Larger apply piston
  • Over 1,000 PSI of additional clamping force
  • Upgraded custom sprag
  • Billet stator for improved efficiency
  • Multiple stall speeds available

Per Suncoast: Cores are due within 45-days or a deduction in core credit is given. Make yourself familiar with their core policy prior to purchasing. SPE Motorsport is not responsible for any violations or loss in reference to this policy.