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December 01, 2019 2 min read


The SPE turbos come standard with a 360 degree thrust bearing, an optimized turbine for the 6.7 Powerstroke helping with back pressure and spool time, and a .91AR dual volute exhaust housing, which is interchangeable with any other 80mm s300 turbine housing. Borg Warner and Borg Warner based aftermarket options are available in housing sizes including .88AR, 1.0AR, and many other custom sizes available on the market. The SPE compressor covers are designed to work with the factory style intercooler pipe quick connect coupler. They also have a speed sensor provision. 


The 63mm version is excellent for a factory turbo replacement. It is best suited for towing and all around driving. It works well with minimal to no modifications done to the vehicle's fuel system, yet will still support much higher power levels than any factory style vgt turbo. This turbo leaves room to grow for modifications down the road. The S363 is great for the person who is still towing and working their truck but wants to do a high pressure pump upgrade now or later. 

  • Compressor= 62.99mm inducer / 88mm exducer 
  • Turbine= 79.76mm inducer / 73.37mm exducer
  • Efficient Power Range= 450 to 750HP



The 66mm version is best suited for intermittent towing and a great middle runner for street driving/performance. This turbo works well with stock fuel up to a stroker CP4 pump. It also gives the head room to grow from no to minimal modifications. This turbo gives up a little bit of bottom end spool with factory fuel, but usually gains it back once a larger pump is installed and tuned. 

  • Compressor= 66.2mm inducer / 91.5mm exducer 
  • Turbine= 79.76mm inducer / 73.37mm exducer
  • Efficient Power Range= 500 to 850HP


The 70mm version is best for a modified truck used for minimal towing. It is best suited for trucks that have a modified Cp4 or dual pumps. It also works well with mild injector upgrades. This turbo starts to come alive at 700+hp but can still work in the 600hp range quite well. If your ok with having a little lag for lots of power potential the S370 is a great option.

  • Compressor= 69.99mm inducer / 91.5mm exducer 
  • Turbine= 79.76mm inducer / 73.37mm exducer
  • Efficient Power Range= 600 to 950HP



You can reference the chart below to determine what size turbocharger is a good choice for your driving habits and goals. 

SPE Emperor Turbo Sizing Chart


There are many variables and factors to take into consideration when upgrading your truck. We always recommend looking to the future when planning out larger purchases such as air and fuel upgrades. Doing so prevents you from making bad buying decisions and regretful purchases. We strive to provide products to market that allow you the room for growth and the power potential while maintaining a truck that fits your lifestyle.

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Paul Ash
Paul Ash

August 13, 2021

2014 f450- Possibly deleting def + egr. Adding a tuner. Replacing the fuel pump. Adding a Fass fuel system. Upgrading the Turbo. Needing towing performance. Any recommendations??

Dustin brunet
Dustin brunet

July 31, 2020

Wheres your shop located?

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