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April 23, 2020 1 min read

There are many reasons for needing to hand off a vehicle on EZ Lynk. The most common reasons are that you are updating a vehicle’s ECU for a friend or customer or you have sold your vehicle and want to give access to the new owner. 

The process to hand-off is very easy and listed out below. 

    1. Click the menu tab. 
    2. Select vehicle.
    3. The very last selectable option in the list will be “Handover Vehicle”. 

ez lynk screenshot

4. At this point you will need the recipient's email address. The handover notification will be sent to this email address and the vehicle can be accepted by an existing user or by signing up with EZ Lynk with the specified email address. 

ez lynk screenshot

ez lynk screenshot

5. If you want to send a customized message you can do that during this step. 

ez lynk screenshot


6. Once you’ve put their email address in & you have written a message to the recipient you will be prompted to verify the vehicle information. If you’re satisfied with the information you can now select confirmed. 

ez lynk screenshot

 ez lynk screenshot

Once a vehicle is handed over and the recipient has accepted the handover you no longer have access to the files so be certain all of the information is correct. 

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