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September 26, 2023 3 min read

Nick Rizer’s Truck Transformation: A Deep Dive into Powerstroke Rick’s Beauty on Wheels!

Hello to all the truck enthusiasts out there! Today, we have a special treat for you. We're diving deep into the impressive transformation of a truck owned by none other than Nick Rizer, famously known in the truck community as Powerstroke Rick. If you've ever wondered what goes into making a truck not just powerful but also stylish and drop-dead gorgeous, then keep reading!


Lift and Wheels
Starting with the basics, Nick equipped his ride with an 8.5” PMF suspension lift kit. This lift ensures the truck stands tall and proud on the road, grabbing the attention it truly deserves. Sitting pretty on that lift are the 26x16 KG1 Forged wheels, wrapped in striking 38x15.50x26 Amp MT tires. This combination ensures that while the truck might be a "pavement princess", she's still the queen of the highway ball.


Performance Enhancements 
When it comes to performance, Nick didn't settle for anything but the best. He made a prominent choice by investing in a suite of SPE parts for his truck. The full piping kit ensures an optimized flow, paired with the hot side pipe for maximum efficiency.

Nick also incorporated an SPE thermostat for better temperature regulation, ensuring that his truck operates at the optimal temperature range. Other notable SPE additions include the coolant hose reroute, full diff lock, and cab mounts. These parts not only enhance performance but also add longevity to the truck's life.

The meticulous addition of SPE's billet oil filter kit, deep oil pan, oil drain plug, and the emissions harness plug further proves Nick's dedication to ensuring every component of his truck is of the highest quality. Moreover, with the injector return repair, fuel drain valve, ccv reroute, and internal catch can, Nick's truck is fully geared to perform with precision and reliability.

In essence, the SPE parts have elevated Nick's truck to a whole new level of excellence. The emphasis on these quality components signifies the truck's exceptional performance and Nick’s commitment to the best in the business.


Battery and Lighting
Ensuring optimal electrical performance, Nick opted for (2) Optima red tops. Now, illuminating the road and the truck itself are the 16 mictuning/oracle rock lights, 4 oracle wheel lights, a 40” rough country light bar, Morimoto mirror lights, and the Recon tails and 3rd brake light PTM. Driving at night? No problem. Nick’s truck lights up the way, making it a sight to behold even in the dark.


Exterior Touches 
What truly sets Nick’s truck apart is the paint-to-match (PTM) detailing. The bumpers, grill, and all plastics have been given a cohesive look, a testament to Nick's penchant for style. And those true spike lug nuts? They add that extra touch of flair.


Sound System 
Nick also knows the importance of a good jam while on the road. The Pioneer 7” double din, combined with the 4 Rockford Fosgate speakers, ensures crystal clear sound for every journey.


Additional Upgrades
From the Bilstein 5160 shocks all around to the Stryker dual stabilizer, Nick’s truck is set for a smooth ride. The double 5% tint all around ensures privacy and a sleek look.


Final Thoughts
This truck is not just a vehicle. It's a statement. It’s the culmination of Nick’s vision and dedication. Every modification, every tweak, and every product installed has been chosen with care, reflecting Nick’s personal style and love for trucks. Nick Rizer’s truck is a testament to what passion, knowledge, and attention to detail can achieve.


So, the next time you see Powerstroke Rick's beauty on the road, give a nod of respect. It's a masterpiece on wheels!


Until next time, keep trucking and stay passionate!



Vehicle: 2015 Ford F250 6.7L Powerstroke

SPE Full piping kit
SPE Hot side pipe
SPE Battery hold downs
SPE Thermostat
SPE Coolant hose reroute
SPE Full Diff lock
SPE Oil cap
SPE Injector return repair
SPE Fuel drain valve
SPE Billet oil filter kit
SPE Deep oil pan
SPE Oil drain plug
SPE Emissions harness plug
SPE CCV reroute 
SPE Internal catch can 
(2) Optima red tops
S&B intake 
MPD upper rad pipe 

8.5” PMF suspension lift kit
2” Far from stock spacers 
Bilstein 5160 shocks all around 
Stryker dual stabilizer  with bilstein 5160 shocks 
SPE Cab Mounts

38x15.50x26 Amp MT

26x16 KG1 Forged 

16 mictuning/ oracle rock lights 
4 oracle wheel lights 
Full exterior Paint to match: bumpers, grill, all plastics etc 
40” rough country light bar 
Morimoto mirror lights 
Recon tails and 3rd brake light PTM
True spike lug nuts 
Double 5% tint all around 
Pioneer 7” double din with 4 Rockford Fosgate speakers 

Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
Powerstroke Rick- 2015 F250
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